Winnipeg Cleaning Services
specializing in janitorial services in the Winnipeg region

How we differ from everyone else:

1) We Guarantee our services! The business being what it is, no one will guarantee there services...But WE DO! We are the only company that I know of in the world that offers a 100% satisfaction to our cleaning clients. If you are not happy in any way, we do not get paid. This ensures that we do the job we promise! See our Committment to excellence on the right.

2) All services are supervised and inspected by the owner! That's right, every night your site is inspected by me. If something has been missed, it will be found before you ever arrive at work in the morning.

3) Offer Super Steam vapor cleaning for allergy sufferers! The first and only company that offers Steam vapor cleaning in a regular commercial cleaning contract. The Super Steam Vapor System uses heat to do the work, NOT CHEMICALS OR POISONS!. Key areas such as washrooms and bathrooms are detailed monthly, destroying all germs and bacteria unlike any other cleaning company in the World. read more on our Super Steam Vapor Cleaning system here.

4) Offer risk free start up bonuses for those afraid to "change cleaners again". See the most current offers for new business below!

5) Equipment! All Vacuums are equiped with Hepa filters to make sure we are not polluting your air space! Also, all mop heads are changed every 2 weeks.

New Business offer!

We understand the hassle of changing services,
and try to help "cushion the blow" by offering one
of two FREE services. Every new customer has
the option of 1 month cleaning services at no charge,
or our Free commercial carpet cleaning offer on the
right. The choice is yours!

Call for more details.

For those that would prefer to have their carpets
cleaned instead of a free month cleaning, we offer our unique, 4-stage commercial carpet cleaning system!

Pre-spraying,Super Steam Vapor to kill all bacteria
and mites as well as increase the effectiveness of the
pre-spray, shampoo, and then hot water extraction
to remove all residue.

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